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Looking for a trade name, logo or slogan, for your business? Need to safeguard your brand, product or marketing campaign? Planning to start a venture in Chicago? We’ve got you covered. Being a trademark attorney in Chicago, I will help you to remove the confusion from the process of preparing, filing and securing trademarks at the Illinois Trademark Office for State protections, and the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO for federal protection. We also offer trademark clearance searches, conduct trademark research and provide adept trademark opinions. The Illinois businesses who have an international presence, the firm can assist them in registering their marks internationally through WIPO which follows the Madrid Protocol.

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Drishti Law is an Intellectual Property law firm based out of Chicago that helps clients all over the world with patent, trademark, and copyright law.
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We help businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals by giving them legal services that are focused on intellectual property. He takes care of his clients’ trademark, copyright, and other intellectual property services. He uses his experience to help you protect your brand and get trademark rights for your business.

How Trademarks Can Help You Protect Your Brand?

According to Dharma Singh Khalsa, the average American sees over 16,000 logos/labels daily. How will you separate yourself from the field?
Every consumer can recognize a trademark; whether it be a symbol, font, packaging, or other distinguishing feature of the product or service, these marks can be extremely important to a business. An effective trademark or service mark will identify the source of your product or service and prevent customer confusion between your product and that of your competitors. Be it a business in lincoln park or the loop

Drishti Law offers services to individuals, startups, and SMEs wanting to protect trademark rights and prevent trademark infringement. In addition, the company may help new businesses select a trademark or service mark.

Marks can distinguish your firm and safeguard the worth of your service or product.
If you require assistance with trademark protection, please contact Drishti Law in Chicago immediately.

Trademark Applications:

A trademark or service mark can be registered federally by filing an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The owner of a federally registered trademark enjoys certain exclusive legal rights. A federal registration, for instance, serves as constructive nationwide notice of the trademark applicant’s claim to the trademark, is evidence of the applicant’s ownership of the trademark, is evidence of the mark’s validity and the applicant’s exclusive right to use the mark in commerce, and can serve as a basis for obtaining registrations in foreign countries. In addition, a federal trademark registration allows the trademark owner to file infringement lawsuits in federal court and to use the U.S. Customs Service to block the importation of foreign goods that infringe on the brand.

Trademark Infringement

If you suspect that someone is infringing on your trademark or service mark, Drishti Law will assist you in stopping the infringement and preventing further infringement.

Even if you do not have a federally registered trademark, you may still be liable for trademark infringement.

Also, if you have been accused of violating another’s trademark or service mark rights, Drishti Law can assist you and defend you in court if necessary.

Looking for information about trademarks?
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