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When you’re focused on establishing your small business or creative career, it can be tempting to ask yourself, “Should I invest in a trademark?” It can often seem like just another layer of bureaucracy that takes time and money away from running the business. But trademarks are an invaluable asset for entrepreneurs who want to protect their brand identity online, and there are some compelling reasons. In this blog post, we’ll look at whether or not you should decide to trademark your brand, talking about the importance of protecting intellectual property, avoiding future lawsuits, and building up trust with customers. So if you’re debating taking legal steps to secure your brand’s future success, keep reading.

Are Trademarks Necessary?

In 2023, brand development should be at the heart of every significant foundational business decision. I will answer this question: Are Trademarks necessary? My firm’s name, Drishti Law, was picked for a reason. Drishti, in Sanskrit, means focused gaze or vision with purpose. That’s what most small business owners, creatives, and entrepreneurs have at the beginning: a vision with a purpose.

  • A registered trademark is an investment in protecting that vision.
    • Every great brand starts with a name or logo that initially seems unique. Still, an already registered trademark that is similar enough might lead to future litigation or rebranding costs. 
  • A registered trademark ensures that when that vision takes off and becomes a commercial juggernaut, it deters competitors and copycats from creating a confusingly similar brand experience by taking advantage of your goodwill. 
  • Finally, a registered trademark allows the original vision to expand and open doors to additional protectable products and services. 

The Takeaway is … 

Every brand deserves a unique, comprehensive IP portfolio, and it begins with consulting an Intellectual Property attorney to understand options specific to the brand’s vision. It usually starts with a trademark registration that at least includes a knockout search. In the past, I have outlined the difference between a knockout and a comprehensive search HERE. To learn more about how we can help you realize your vision, click the booking link to schedule a discovery call today.

Don’t wait to take the plunge and make your vision a reality – book an appointment with Drishti Law today! Our team is here to help you turn aspirations into action by answering any questions and providing solutions. Schedule your discovery call now, so we can jumpstart the journey together. During this call, we can discuss your needs in more detail and develop a tailored plan.

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